Solar photovoltaic projects: ground-mounted, rooftop, off-grid, grid-connected, large-scale photovoltaic plants. wind farm projects.
Power Distribution Projects:
Power Distribution Lines 220 KV, 132 KV
Electrical Substations Transformer Centers.
Transformer Centers

Other activities

  • Maintenance of energy systems.
  • Measurement and monitoring of consumption.
  • Electric vehicle charging.
  • Industrial automation and meteorology


Automated weather control systems in wind farms use meteorological sensors such as anemometers and vanes to measure wind speed and direction, as well as other relevant parameters.

Here are some examples of significant projects

“Duneenergia has developed projects of different characteristics and participated in tenders in Morocco, Mauritania, and Portugal.

  • EPC 2MW Photovoltaic Solar Plant in Hervás (Cáceres, Spain)
  • 120MW Tafilalt Photovoltaic Solar Plant Tender (Morocco)
  • Noor Atlas Solar Radiation Weather Station Measurement EPC Tender, Production and installation (Morocco)
  • Sahel Pharmaceutical Laboratory EPC Project (Mauritania)
  • Sahel Industrie Business Cluster Project (Mauritania)
  • Energy Efficiency Project for Banco Etcheverría S.A. (Throughout Spain)
  • Data Center Energy Efficiency and Energy Supply Project for Nuevos Ministerios Building (Madrid, Spain)
  • Madrid-Valencia High-Speed Train Energy Supply Substations (Spain)
  • Solar Hydrogen R&D Project for PSF Hervás (Cáceres, Spain)